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05/07/2017 First of the year!A blessed spring to you all! We are just about ready to prep the garden plots for planting. We expect our first crops to be red radishes, green onions, and perhaps some red romaine lettuce by mid-June. We are downsizing our vegetable growing space this year, and considering putting in some asparagus and rhubarb beds. Because we are expecting another wet year, we will most likely mound our rows to help keep feet dry during the growing season.

10/22/2016 2016 Wrap-up - 2016 has come and gone. We finished our season with around 400 pounds of buttercup squash. We kept about twenty for ourselves. Many thanks to the good folks in Luxemburg and Jacksonport who gave us a try. We hope to see you again next year. God bless.

09/15/2016 Webbing on Pumpkins - I went out to harvest our little sweet pumpkins today, the vines were dying back and the ground was very wet. I found that all of them had a brown webbing over their surface similar to what one finds on a canteloupe. I was concerned it might be disease of some kind until I found this page at Turns out it is a type of edema caused by alot of rain and certain temperature conditions. That's good news cuz those little sweet pumpkins are some plenty fine works of creation, if you know what I mean.

09/05/2016 - Our second season taking vegetables to local farmers markets is nearing a close. Red and yellow onions, white potatoes, kale, cabbages, late broccoli and cauliflower, buttercup squash and little sweet pumpkins will start appearing on our market table soon. We are expecting three or four more market days before shutting it down. It has been a very wet year at the farm and appears to be part of a trend over the last few years. Next year I am certain to implement some strategy (perhaps mounding) in the lower beds to help deal with this year's major challenge - too much rain. Overall the season has been good and we are thankful to the Lord for His blessing on our hard work.

Next year the key metric for improvement will focus on our fertilization schedule. All other factors considered, proper nutrition makes for tastier fruits and vegetables. It is possible that in our desire to 'be organic' we have been depriving our plants of optimal nutrition. This will be addressed with rigor next year. We won't be able to go fully organic yet, put plans are in the works to develop a composting system that can turn our yard waste into garden safe compost. I will be blogging about that throughout the coming year.

08/14/2016 - This is the first post on the new website. The season so far has been going well. With all the extra rain its been slow going for a couple of the low lying beds. The carrots and the onions are looking good and it looks like a bumper crop of buttercup squash in the fall.